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Palette Play - Vol. 09

Awwww... autumn... you have such a sacred place in my heart. Pumpkin spice and everything nice happens at this time of the year. Including produce a-plenty, the return to red wine and of course a cornucopia of rich luscious hues.

I love (love, love!) everything about FALL, and the dazzlingly delicious colours certainly do not disappoint:

  • REDS; claret, currant, garnet, brick and toe-mah-toe

  • PURPLES; aubergine, plum, blackberry, raisin and... wine

  • ORANGES; bronze, rust, spice, cider and of course, pumpkin

These lush shades embody for me this season of bounty and leave me in absolute awe of what Mother Nature is capable of.

Colour me thankful... for every single shade!


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