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Palette Play - Vol. 06

Summmahhh time, summahh time, sum-sum-summah-time...

Summer's hues are rich with memory and ripe with meaning.

Ruby red strawberries that are oh-so-june, grass so green you simply must kick off your chucks and roses in practically every gorgeous shade known to wo/man... absolutely begging to be sniffed.

This summer, in addition to playing with my Pantone deck and curating photo collections for new clients, I'll be soaking up as many summer vibes as humanly possible.

Doing such things as launching a pop-up artisanal lemonade stand with the "tiny art director", applying henna tattoos, skipping stones, riding my new beach cruiser and creating indelible and lasting memories with the fam-jam.

Luckily for me... my boss is super-duper nice about time off ;)

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