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  • Jen Schmaltz

I Heart You WIX!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Let me start by saying that I am not – first and foremost – a web designer. Phew, I said it. It feels good to have that out of the way.

Laptop with Flowers and Pink Notebook
I heart you WIX! Wanna' go steady?

I am however: an experienced brand stylist, a pretty darn good typesetter and an astute curator of visual content. So if I’ve already rolled up my sleeves to create your logo, assemble a colour palette and establish the voice of your brand, sprinkling that same magic on your website as well, just makes sense.

I wasn’t about to let the fact that coding was one of the great mysteries of the universe stop me! So I went out in search of a web platform partner that was a perfect fit. I dabbled, with other platforms — which shall not be named — but was still looking for that special spark, a way to build sites while leveraging my repertoire of design skills and brand smarts.

Then one day, WIX came into my life. We met through a friend, and it was definitely love at first click.

Now, WIX and I are happily skipping off into the no-coding, beautifully branded, easy to navigate, SEO and mobile friendly sunset. Life is good.

So... where do you factor into this little WIX romance?

Quite simply, all this LOVE (coupled with ease of use, hosting that’s a snap, templates galore, and affordable monthly pricing) will be infused into your website design when you work with me and my BFF WIX.

Here are just some of the ways you will feel the WIX love for yourself!

WIX is warm and fuzzy:

A user-friendly platform, WIX is intended for any level of end user to create a simple website all on their own. No coding, no headaches, just friendly drag and drop design within the oodles of templates available for customization. And since I’ve worked extensively with design software, I like to leverage every ounce of creativity at my disposal.

WIX WIN: The platform’s interface allows me to focus fully (with my whole heart) on the visual components of your website so that it looks amazing.

WIX is generous and giving:

Sure, WIX will give you a free site no questions asked, but you will want to upgrade to the basic package or higher (you can check out the pricing here). If you’re investing in some fancy-pants design and branding for your business you will want to remove the ads and keep the audience fully focused on the star… You!

WIX WIN: WIX offers a ton of value in their bundles including a free domain in their upgraded packages keeping it all neat and tidy (and affordable) for billing and renewals.

WIX is SOOOO good looking:

WIX has many (many) templates to choose from, according to your product or service offerings, as well as your brand personality, AND… they are oh-so customizable. The power of drag and drop means there is increased flexibility within the template which translates to more design time spent on creating an amazing looking site, that will attract and engage your audience and make your customers swoon.

WIX WIN: WIX is always adding new creative to their template selection to keep things fresh and on-trend for a variety of industries.

WIX is all-in:

In the getting to know each other phase, you can start with packaging that suits your initial needs, with the option to add apps and functionality down the road as your business grows. More than just a pretty face, the WIX platform offers additions such as Booking, E-commerce and WIX Blog.

WIX WIN: Your site structure is fluid and can grow and evolve as your business needs change.

If you are not fully convinced that WIX is for you, because your brother-in-law is a web developer extraordinaire and offered to do your site gratis or you really have your heart set on WordPress. That is certainly okay! My feelings won’t be hurt ;)

Me… I plan on keeping my WIX romance alive, one site at a time. If it ends up being yours then I hope you will adore it as much as I know I will LOVE creating it for you

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