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Brand Self-care

While I might be my own boss, I am not always my number one client. Finding that precious block of 'brand me-time' often leaves me doing the to-do list shuffle. But this past week was different, and in it's place I'm doing my done-zo dance instead, because my NEW GRAPHIC DESIGN PORTFOLIO IS DONE!

Just because I'm a graphic designer, doesn't mean my own branding initiatives automatically top the list. You know, like the mechanic whose car has a shimmy or a doctor who skips his annual checkup. Odds are you do this in your business too. I mean who doesn't?!

So in the spirit of self-care... I finally blocked a nice healthy chunk of time to show my own website and little loving kindness, and have launched a brand new Portfolio to better display recent projects, improve the site experience and also shout from the mountain tops:




Perhaps that is why my own brand oft gets bumped in the proverbial pecking order. Because I truly love the amazing scope of work I get to do for my clients every day. What a bunch of total cool cats.

For instance, there's Ross a Mortgage Broker... with heart. His goal of transforming people's lives by helping them find the right mortgage, is just one reason why working on his communication tools feels so good. It certainly doesn't hurt that he is a swell guy and an ace communicator. Side-bar amaze-o bonus... I met the multi-talented Sandra of Any Old Task working on Team Ross and we quickly realized we had to work together more (and more). Of course, I'd never have met Ross if it weren't for Alicia – now she and I go way back and have a cool short-hand that's been honed by time.

Speaking of time, I've been "married" to my partner for nearly 19 years. Personally I think he's the luckiest guy on earth, living with a design maven who builds websites and has a penchant for interior design. But, I have to admit, it is me who is grateful for the non-stop support Jonathan has always shown when it comes to my career. So it was definitely a no-brainer that we'd build his brand together. (True confession time: I may have sprinkled a little extra love on this one - wink, wink).

And of course Kathleen who reminds me why I went out on my own in the first place. To meet the kind of people that would not only foster growth as a graphic designer, but also help me to push my boundaries as a human. And of course, if I hadn't been in cahoots with Kathleen, I would never have met Dr. Elly. I'm so lucky to know these two gems!

Then dear Adriana, her trust in my instincts means so much. When you are allowed the space to put forth ideas and really run with them the results shine through in the end product. The same goes for Nicola whose receptivity and own industry instincts helped me to help her start strong with cohesive collateral and a suite of digital solutions to rock year one. (Yeah Nix!).

And if all of those weren't good enough reasons to keep pushing my own brand off for another week (or two...) I welcomed Lena and Paul of Food4Kids to my client family in autumn of 2018. This amazing non-profit is altering the life trajectory of kids by providing healthy food, and I am beyond proud to have a small way to contribute to their tireless efforts. While getting under the hood to transform their brand, I couldn't help but undergo a little transformation myself.

We all have reasons for the creative adjustments we make to our to-do list. We are human after all (right Kathleen?!). But it sure feels good when we finally do take care of ourselves. And while I can't send myself an invoice, the delightful dividends of brand self-care are so worth it.





I hope you've enjoyed the sprinkle of self-care I've recently added to the Jen Schmaltz Boutique Studio website.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am a bit of a package deal when it comes to deliverables. Sure, you will get strategically (and beautifully) branded tools – print, web, whatever you need –but I just can't help but start a wee love affair with the brands too, and the amazing people behind them.

Is that the type of care your business needs? I may be biased, but I say heck ya' it is! As you can see you'd be joining an esteemed group of wonderful peeps, and there is always more room in my heart to love a new brand. 💗

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