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I combine strategic graphic design and compelling copywriting into powerful... magical... brand stories to set your heart aflutter and make your audience swoon!




Design is literally everywhere. The good, the bad and the (yep) super-duper ugly. Good design is so much more than just a pretty face. It is succinct messaging, with on-point graphics and amazing content that shouts your AWESOMENESS from the mountaintops.


More than just a buzzword, the visual elements  and  curated content that encompass your brand are the communication pillars of your business. This mega important first impression sparks the flame with your audience to make them fall in love with you.


The magic I'm talking about here is the fairy dust that only a designer with industry smarts, creative moxie and seasoned design chops can sprinkle on your project. If that is the type of secret sparkle that you want for your brand, we should definitely chat.



Graphic Design is at the heart of my story, but I’ve been known to write myself a new part now and again… happily and frequently embracing such roles as: Project Manager, Strategic Thinker, Visual Communicator, Copy Writer, Brand Stylist and Content Curator... magician.


Design is where my passion and my purpose intersect, and providing clients with “the goods” to help their businesses soar is a pretty amazing thing to hop outta’ bed and do each day!


If you're looking for that kind of up and at 'em for your next design and branding project... we should really talk.

Jen Schmaltz Boutique Creative Director


Port Anchor